Autoradio 2DIN USB CD Bluetooth XM-2CDB622

MicroSD + USB + CD + Bluetooth + 2DIN + CD + AUX IN + RDS + ID3-Tag + LCD Dislay + Subwoofer + FM Radio

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XM-2CDB622 2DIN Autoradio MicroSD, USB, CD & Bluetooth

Principais características:

  • Suporta um volume máximo de dados total de 256 GB
  • Porta USB para memória varinha até 128 GB
  • Ranhura MicroSD para cartões MicroSD de até 128 GB
  • Unidade de CD para CD de áudio e CDs de MP3
  • Reprodução MP3 de USB stick, cartão Micro SD e de CD
  • 2DIN (Duplo DIN) Tamanho de instalação padrão
  • Mecanismo anti-choque
  • Rádio FM com 18 estações
  • RDS - Radio Data System
  • Exibição da etiqueta ID3 - exibição do título e do artista
  • Frente AUX-IN e Rear AUX-IN para fontes de áudio externas
  • A iluminação LED pode ser ajustada em 7 cores (azul, vermelho, amarelo, roxo, verde, branco, turquesa)
  • Wide LCD Dislay com gráfico de equalizador
  • EQ: Rock, Pop, Clássico, Jazz
  • MOSFET 4x60 WATT
  • Conexão de subwoofer de 2 canais

Informação Adicional

Weight 2.0830
EAN 4260182775943
Modell XM-2CDB622
Shipping Article 14.90
SKU: 1793

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USB Port 1 x USB port for USB devices: play all your music files up to 128 GB.

Slot for Micro SDHC cards: play all your music files up to 128 GB.

CD driveFor music CD and data discs.

Bluetooth Hands-free function and music streaming

7 LED light colours - blue, red, yellow, purple, green, white, turquoise.

MP3 and WMA files can be played from all multimedia devices: USB, Micro SD, CD

ID3 Tag Shows title and artist for MP3 files containing ID3 tags.

Double DIN standard. This standard size is suitable for many vehicles.

Preset equalizer: pop, rock, classical, personalised.

Radio Data System The RDS standard provides useful functions and information.

FM Radio FM Radio with 18 Memory Stations.

FRONT AUX IN 1 x FRONT Auxiliary input (jack da 3,5 mm)

MOSFET 4 x 60 watt 4-channel audio output, maximum power 240 watt.

2x Subwoofer

Remote control with battery

Free FREE OF CHARGE: double-DIN cage, trim and ISO adapter cable.

XOMAX XM-2CDB622: CD, USB, Micro SD car stereo - with CD drive, USB port and Micro SD slot.

Elegant design car stereo. Plays music files from CD, USB or Micro SD devices.

Multimedia - music

USB: On the front panel you will find a USB port, which you can use to read your memory devices.

Micro SD: The Micro SD/MMC slot is also located on the front panel.

CD: For music CD and data discs.

AUX-IN: Auxiliary input (jack da 3,5 mm)

Hands-free Bluetooth function

This hands-free function for your mobile phone enables you to make a phone call using the microphone on the front panel and the loudspeakers in your car. Stay safe and flexible while you drive: just use the Bluetooth to connect your mobile phone with the car stereo! Music streaming via Bluetooth: listen to the music you have stored on your phone or MP3 player through the loudspeakers in your car. No need to copy any file, no need for cables. This car stereo is directly connected to your car's hands-free system. Any time you make or pick up a call, the car stereo goes on “mute”.

  • FM stereo radio
  • 18 Memory Stations
  • Automatic tuner
  • RDS: Radio Data System
  • EON: Enhanced Other Networks: receives traffic information
  • ASM/AF: automatically searches for stronger signals
  • PTY: news, education, religion, science, varied, documentary, weather, etc.
  • REG: tunnel/skip, etc.
Technical Details

General features

  • Voltage: 14,4V DC
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Sizes: (LxWxH) 183x160x102 mm ca
  • Colour: black
  • LED Colour: blue, red, yellow, purple, green, white, turquoise
  • Net weight: 1,8 kg ca
  • Standard DIN2 dimension
  • Mounting angle: +/- 30°
  • Typ: Black Mask Display


  • Display Typ: Digital Segment Display
  • Size: ca. 2,5cm x 11,6cm


  • Media: CD, USB keys, Micro SD card
  • Formats: MP3, WMA

FM tuner

  • Frequency range: 87.5-108 MHz
  • Intermediate frequency: 10.7 MHz
  • Sensitivity: 15dB
  • S/N: 60 dB
  • Stereo separation: 30 dB (1KHz)
  • Antenna impedance: 75 Ohm


  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • S/N: 85 dB
  • Channel separation: 80 dB
  • 4 x 60W MOSFET
  • Volume control: +/- 8db
  • Adjustable volume, trebles, basses, fader, balance

Connectivity (rear)

  • ISO connector
  • Radio antenna
  • Audio output - 4x cinch
  • AUX - 2x cinch
  • 2x Subwoofer

Connectivity (front)

  • USB port
  • Micro SD slot
  • AUX-IN

What's inside the box:

  • Car stereo
  • DIN2 cage (free of charge)
  • DIN2 trim (free of charge)
  • Remote control with battery
  • ISO adapter cable
  • Mounting material
  • Instruction sheet in German.
  • For instruction sheets in English please refer to the producer's website: